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Frank26 interview about the Electrocise
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George NV

Margie MA

I am always researching Health or Healing info.  I listened to an inventor speak for two hours a couple months ago. His name is Ron & he works with healing frequencies (& studied Tessler, Rife & other scientists). He developed a technology for his brother who was sick, but unfortunately his brother lost his battle prior to Ron completing his work.  Ron made it his life passion to help people in honor of his brother. Ron developed a device that looks like an Apple watch & it sends healing frequencies throughout the body.  For example, a normal cell has a frequency of ~ 70 hertz, and a cell from a person with a virus has a frequency of ~50 htz, and a cancer cell has a frequency of ~ 42 Hertz.  Ron’s device gives out different healing frequencies which help the cell get back into balance.  I bought the I-Guard watch/device & let it sit for 6 weeks without trying it. Then a friend asked me to listen to a call about the I-Guard. I said sure – I already bought one.  Then I heard all types of wonderful testimonies of people who got rid of pain or had different issues healed – often quickly noticing results.  So, I decided to try it over-night to see if it helped my leg. I had wiped out 5 weeks ago playing Pickle Ball and had trouble walking ever since. My knee, leg & ankle is still inflamed & has been healing slowly.  I still had to hobble to walk.  After trying the device for one night (I used the earbuds too), I walked almost normal.  I said to myself – what in the world is going on! I should be limping more, and my leg is feeling much better & I am not limping.  It was really strange to me.  I’ve only used it a few days & even Dan said you are walking better & walking better down the stairs.  My leg is not completely normal yet, but the progress in one night was dramatic, compared to the slow healing from the last 5 weeks.

It is my sincere honor to write about the extraordinary results I am having using the Omni-Mat. For the past 22 years I have experienced hot-flashes every single night and have tried everything known to man to get relief. I purchased my Omni-Mat in February 2021 and was so anxious to see if it would help me, I decided to sleep on it.


Admittedly, it is not the most comfortable mat to sleep on, but covering it with a very light twin size sheet helped immensely. The very first night I had ZERO hot-flashes. Additionally, I was experiencing leg tingles in the middle of the night and the Omni-Mat took those away, too. 


But wait. There’s much more. I started altering my eating habits about the same time I started using the Omni-Mat. I never expected this, but I easily lost 25 pounds over a 4-month period and am easily am keeping it off. I feel calm and no longer have the unhealthy cravings I used to have. My energy is great and I feel in balance. 


I honestly owe it to this amazing Omni-Mat because there is nothing else I am doing in my life other than sleeping on it. I took it off my bed for several nights to see if the hot-flashes were gone, but sure enough they came right back. So those frequencies from the Omni-Mat are definitely working with mine in an extraordinary way.


I AM now using the Star Gate Necklace and am looking forward to more positive, life-changing results.


I agree with Einstein. 'Future medicine IS in frequencies.' I AM a living example of it. 


Keep up the great work and in sincere gratitude,


D. Love

The I Guard has been very good for my circulation and lowering my stress.  I have been sleeping for at least two hours of deep restful sleep from the first day I tried it. Over two weeks now.  I have more energy and I am very pleased with this product. I can’t thank you enough for the ability to rest.  It is really great since I have had insomnia for over 8 years. Thank you so much. I am recommending it to all my friends. Sincerely, Beverly from Texas


I have had colitis for the last 10 years with diarrhea every day and after 2 days of wearing my I Guard, I am happy to say I had my first normal bowel movement. I am so excited!  Also, I

couldn't sleep at night, staying up half the night

and always needing to eat, now I sleep through the night with no hungers pains and wanting to eat. 

Marge NV


I am 85 years old. I usually wake up 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Last night I slept through the night for the first time, slept 12 hours straight. whoo hoo! Also, my sciatica bothers me and I am in a lot pain but after purchasing the I GUARD, the pain is gone.

Bobbie  MS


I am 89 years old and for the last five years have been mostly confined to bed due to osteoarthritis.  I have been on prescription pain meds and undergone multiple injections in my lower back just to be able to stand. About a month ago my daughter bought an I  GUARD for me and after the first time using it the pain in my back was gone I could not believe it but I use the

 I GUARD twice a day and I have been able to reduce my pain meds in half and I think I will soon be able to stop them all together. This has been like a miracle as I have suffered for so long.  I am now enjoying being out of bed and regaining a more normal lifestyle.

Rev. Enoch 


I didn't even realize until I set out to do my paperwork on Sunday evening at the last minute being that it is due on Monday. I've always had a problem doing paperwork it's the thing I hate most, it's sort of like pulling teeth, I would always do it at the last last last minute, today I completed all my

billing paperwork and cleaned out my junk mail folder of more than 800 files in record time. This problem has been with me for 50 yrs until  tonight. Thank you Father God finally I have overcame my challenge tears are flowing from my eyes and thank you Ron for the i-guard