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Read about The History of Electronic Muscle Stimulation Therapy :  Click here


Body Wave International is a family owned business that wholeheartedly cares about people. We want to reach as many people as we can. WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF CHANGING LIVES.

Just imagine a life-style where the inside and outside of your body begins to match in frequency balancing one's mind, cells, organs and even the DNA. Our products are infused with Super Quantum Energy.  Frequency is either light, sound or vibration. Our products are designed for health and wellness by the simplicity of frequencies transmitting well-being to every cell in your body not to only feel good but allows your body to heal itself NATURALLY. Each day we are all affected daily by high and low frequencies. We want to unlock your own universe inside you and harmonize, awaken and regenerate for a better balance of your own healing. If we knew all the frequencies of the body and how they affect our everyday life, then we might change our minds or relook at exactly what 'frequencies are to the body's wholeness. 


Please take the time to read all the information on our website. 

We don't want to tell you our story, we want your story. How our products changed you or your family’s life.


I am 71 years old, a Grandmother. I have always believed that taking charge of your  life with good healthy eating habits and staying active will give you the best quality of life. And who doesn't want that? Feeling good, lots of energy and don't forget to laugh as much as you can. Life is so short and the years go by so fast. 

I am very honored to carry these products so I can continue the inventors dream of helping others.

We care and love every one of you.

Catherine           Conference Call number Sundays 6:00 EST 667-770-1483  pin 9687454#  

CEO                       Recorded  playback number  667-770-1338 pin 9687454#  

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